Frequently Asked Questions

+ What kind of people are in Connectle?

Our members are innovators and professionals. Anyone who wants to practice new ways of working and would like a support team to help them along. Many want to utilise digital tools and techniques to work and connect better. We are seeking the support and resources needed to accelerate our learning of new work and build meaningful relationships.

Whether you work in a large company, or just want to get up to speed with Connected Work - our diverse network will bring you fresh perspectives and opportunities.

+ Why would I join another network?

With so many options for connecting, joining another network can be a big step. Many online networks offer multiple ways to connect and keep updated, but they can also be quite distracting and take up your valuable time. We do have a presence on Facebook and other social networks, but our Connectle NetWORK means that we can be sure you get the messages that our members post and that you are not distracted by all the other fun stuff in your other feeds. When you join us in Connectle, we can spend a little bit of alone time practicing new ways of working and building up our skills.

Members of our community value having a curated community, free from sales and promotion.

+ How much does it cost?

We do not charge members for access to the community. Connectle is funded through the support of our sponsors at WorkWell and through Connectle for Companies, which many of our company practitioners participate in.

+ How much time should I devote to Connectle?

It's really up to you! Many of our members check in daily inside the network and others connect only within their circles. We send out updates and highlights so you don't miss the important stuff.

+ Is Connectle full of self-promotion and salespeople?

We curate the community and don't condone blatant self-promotion and sales. There are many other networks you can use to do this more successfully. Connectle is a support network, dedicated to innovating and implementing new ways of working.


Our Manifesto



Our manifesto brings together external networks and future of work concepts and blends them with the Connectle community guidelines. The main principles being:

  • Be Generous. Be kind. Appreciate others. Don't be "that person".

  • Be curious. Ask questions. Listen. Don't dictate.

  • Connect. Don't create silos. 

  • Share. Collaborate. Cocreate. Don't sell.

  • Let go. Ship. Don't be the expert.

  • Experiment. Learn. Don't create "Best practice".

Things you will do...

Be kind and respectful. Embrace the differences.

Connectle aims to bring together people with diverse expertise and experiences. Be respectful that others will have different perspectives, beliefs and points of views. We are always learning, and in order to let go of how you have always done things, you need to be a little curious, explore and embrace the differences. 

Listen before you talk. Lead with generosity.

Even if you are the expert, listening to others allows us to share, teach and motivate. Don’t just barrel through, take the time to be aware of your surroundings and others around you. Share your personal experiences and encourage openness. Think about what you can offer in the context of what is happening, even if it is asking the questions no-one else will.

Connect often. Break down barriers. 

When you see an opportunity to connect, do it. Connecting yourself and others. Break down silos, be bold.

Things you wont do...

Don't promote, spam, solicit, sell.

There are other places to do this. You can introduce yourself and ask for feedback, but everyone knows when you cross the line. Don't do it. If you want to include a link - there needs to be context. We want an environment that fosters sharing and trust and we all agree that we don't need another place to be sold to. This includes things that distract from what we are trying to do - including religion and politics. They start too many fights.

Don't be mean

Abuse, insults, profanity, personal insults, bullying or hateful comments all come under this, as does lying. We should respect each other. Don't be a dick - this self explanatory.

Don’t post personal or confidential information

Whether this is your information, or information that has been shared with you by others in the ecosystem. People may share information with you that isn’t intended to be shared with the public. We ask that you be careful about what information you share. Please don’t post personal information about other users, like phone numbers, email addresses or customer ID numbers, or confidential information from your workplace or connections.

Things we will do...

We will commit our resources to providing a trusted ecosystem and reserve the right to, delete any post/content or ban any user for any reason, including our judgement that the user violated these guidelines.

Listen to your feedback and suggestions and review our services and guidelines when necessary. In doing so, we may modify or change these guidelines without notice.