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The Discovery Community

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The Discovery Community is curated by Ayelet Baron and Tim McDonald, and brings together organisations, leaders and explorers discovery new ways of working, learning and creating.

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Conversations: Connecting Perspectives


Connections: Uniting Networks

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Communities: Hosting the Space


Most Viewed Conversations

  1. The Age of Hustle
    May 7th 2019

  2. Finding Your Inner Artist
    March 9th 2019

  3. Continuous Learning
    April 10th 2018

  4. Social Learning Circles
    July 25th 2017

  5. LIFEWorking

    June 19th 2018


Most Active Connections

  1. Being Socially Conscious


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Outsiders can often see what we don’t. They are not biased by what has always been done, or the institutional structures that exist.
— Tim McDonald

You are invited!

The Regenerative Community is your space to connect with members of the Regenerative movement.