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What are Connectle Communities?

Communities are virtual spaces in the online Connectle network, where our members can connect, explore, work, learn and create. With so many social platforms broadcasting information and marketing - Connectle Communities are safe spaces away from social distractions, to focus on connection and exploration.

The Connectle platform was created out of a need for a self-organised network to collaborate on new ways of working for the digital age. Communities provide the dedicated online spaces we need for collaboration. We are free from ads, algorithms , judgements and filtering. We are a safe space for exploration and regeneration.


How does it work?

Each Connectle Community requires three things:

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Who are our Curators?

Real humans that host and nurture the space.

Our Communities are curated by individuals wanting to be part of the connected work movement. By bringing together ideas and initiatives related to connecting people, organisations and economies, we can amplify our work and create better outcomes. Communities can be created as part of existing collectives - whether they be online groups, conferences, organisations or learning institutions - or they can exist solely within Connectle.

What is a Charter?

The thinking into the “why”.

A charter exists so that members of a community have guidance on the “why” of the space. What is the question/topic that is being explored? What would we like to achieve here?
The purpose of the charter is not to have all the answers - it is to set the scene for the space that is being hosted.

Why a Commitment?

Connecting it all back to the Connected Work movement.

Each space is a contribution and commitment to the wider movement of evolving connected work. Pledging the commitment guides the community charter and helps to break us away from forming a group around an organisation or brand.

Each community should be a space for exploring a topic or question. For connecting people and ideas. For learning and creating.


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