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We don't want cost to be an obstacle to you joining our community. For non-profits and students we offer a PayWYW (Pay What You Want) option.

* NB There is no free trial included with the PayWYW membership. 

In Brief

Joining the Connectle community, will help keep you motivated and transform your work. With our affordable payment options, you can easily connect with members and learn new ways of working.

How it works

  • Apply for access to the Connectle community by selecting one of the membership plans.
  • One of our team will review your request and perform a few verification checks.
  • Once your membership is approved, you will be asked for payment and given access to each of the different member areas.
  • You can get working right away.
  • Sign up for special member rates on Circles and Events.

Connectle is not just another "like-minded" community to connect with people exactly like yourself. Our members are as diverse as they are knowledgable. 

Member Benefits

* Special member rates for Circles and Events.

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