Welcome to Connectle!

Working in a distributed network allows for accelerated serendipity with people, teams and projects across geographies and disciplines.

This private coworking hub provides the environment we need to be productive and motivated in work.

Follow the 3 easy steps below to get started and connect with our members:

Getting started

STEP (1).png

STEP 1: Share your story in our NetWORK.

Once you are approved to join Connectle, you will receive an invite to the Connectle NetWORK in your email. Introduce yourself and share your story - a brief sentence about your experiences, and your interests. Upload a photo and let the NetWORK know how they can help you with your work.

STEP 2: Register for a Connectle Con session

You can register for an upcoming Connectle Con session, by visiting the events page. Participants are handpicked based on their interests and goals. 

STEP (2).png

STEP 3: Start connecting.

Working connected, starts with actively looking for ways to contribute. Start with suggested members and look to see who or what you can connect from your own network, or knowledge. 

Once you have finished these 3 easy steps, be sure to check back on our member links for more ways to connect.

It's great to have you in our community!  Welcome.