Partner Draft

We invite you to partner with us and commit to cocreating connecting work.

We understand that it is crucial that we have curate discovery conversations, provide diverse connections and enable cocreations - so that the transformation and connectedness we are seeking for work and business and living can occur. We also understand that the current models for funding this transformation are not a perfect fit - selling your data or creating a platform for advertising. Our focus and priority remains with the value and connections we are creating.

Therefore, while we continue to look for new ways of funding our intiative we ask that you contribute using our PayWYW (Pay What You Want) options below:


...without reward


Choose from a one-off, monthly or annual payment, without a reward. You believe that you have already been rewarded by being involved in Connectle and would like to contribute to the network.


A 2018 Connectle T-Shirt


A Thank you callout on our Twitter/Facebook and within our network


... for a thank-you callout on our Twitter/Facebook account

(no minimum)



...for a 2018 Connectle T-Shirt

(min cost of postage)



...for a curated conversation at your workplace/organisation.

(min $US5,000)

Bring back the art of conversation to your organisation.



... for your logo to appear on the homepage

(min. $100,000)