• I really enjoyed being in the circles. I felt that my perspective was valued and I got to learn about different work environments. It made me really think about the type of place I want to work in when I leave Uni.
    — Connectle Inspire Participant
  • Speaking to people who were in the workplace right now was fun and I enjoyed talking about real work problems rather than just theories and assignments.
    — Connectle Inspire Participant
  • I often go visit startups to try and break out of my old ways of thinking. Having the Connectle Inspire people in the circles was even better. Their fresh perspectives, challenged my ingrained way of thinking.
    — Connectle NetWORK member
  • The Connectle Inspire participants in our circle helped shake things up. Experienece can sometimes be a barrier when trying to think outside the box.
    — Connectle Circle Facilitator

Connectle Inspire

Our Mission: To connect emerging talent in inspiring new work practices.

We know that the world of work is in transition. It is more distributed, networked and technology-led. Professions as we know them, are being disrupted by automation and new technologies. Connectle Inspire enables emerging talent to experience the Connectle NetWORK and facilitated Inspire Circles. Connectle members value the input of our Inspire members in the community.


Applying for Connectle Inspire

As a selected participant of Connectle Inspire, you get sponsored access to the Connectle NetWORK and Inspire Circles. Working and learning with innovators, practitioners and companies.