Our Mission: To nurture and inspire the next generation of connected work.


We know that the world of work is in transition. It is more distributed, networked and technology-led. Professions as we know them, are being disrupted by automation and new technologies. With Connectle Inspire, we integrate the next generation of workers with current Innovators, Influencers and Changemakers. Joining as Activators, we offer this emerging talent a seat in our Connectle Network and various Colearn and Colab opportunities. Our members value the input and insight from our Activator participants.

I want to apply to join as an Activator..

Being part of the Connectle Inspire initiative gives you access to:

* Special member rates for Circles and Events.

I want to get my students involved..

We partner with education providers to:

- Identify Activators to join the Connectle ecosystem.

- Provide custom Colearn Circles for students, to prepare the next generation for connected workplaces


I want to support this initiative as a sponsor...

As a sponsor, you help fund our Connectle Inspire members to join the Connectle ecosystem and to receive custom Colearn circles. Preparing our emerging talent and future employees for connected workplaces.