Cowork is a dedicated coworking environment to practice new ways of working. Get the support and encouragement you need from your peers in our virtual NetWORK.


The Connectle NetWORK gives you access to:

✓ a network of people committed to making work better
 resources and expertise to support you and your goals
 LIVE Connectle Con conversations
 Regular virtual member meetups
 a place to share your work, stories, wins, asks and offers


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What kind of people are in Connectle?

Our members are innovators, practitioners and company professionals. Anyone who wants to practice new ways of working and would like a support team to help them along. Many want to utilise digital tools and techniques to work and connect better. Seeking the support and resources needed to accelerate their learning and build meaningful relationships.

Whether you work in a large company, or just want to get up to speed with connected work - our diverse network will bring fresh perspectives and opportunities.

+ Why would I join another network?

With so many options for connecting, joining another network can be a big step. Many online networks offer multiple ways to connect and keep updated, but they can also be quite distracting and take up your valuable time. We do have a presence on Facebook and other social networks, but our network means that we can be sure you get the messages that our members post and that you are not distracted by all the other fun stuff in your other feeds. When you join us in Connectle, we can spend a little bit of alone time practicing new ways of working and building up our skills.

Members of our community value having a curated community, free from sales and promotion.

+ How much does it cost?

We do not charge members for access to the community. Connectle is funded through the support of our sponsors and through Connectle for Companies, which many of our company practitioners participate in.

+ How much time should I devote to Connectle?

It's really up to you! Many of our members check in daily to Cowork, and others just connect during the Colearn sessions. We send out updates and highlights so you don't miss the important stuff.

+ Is Connectle full of self-promotion and salespeople?

We curate the community and don't condone blatant self-promotion and sales. There are many other networks you can use to do this more successfully. Connectle is a support network, dedicated to innovating and implementing new ways of working.