A dedicated network for new ways of working. Get the support and encouragement you need from your peers in a virtual coworking environment.


You will love working in a network

The Connectle Network gives you access to:
 a place to share your work, stories, wins, asks and offers
 resources and opportunities to support you and your goals
✓ a network of people committed to making work better
 access to our Cowork and Connectle Con LIVE sessions
 member benefits and discounts

Never feel like you are missing out on good work again, with access to...


* Connectle Con sessions are free for invited Connectle Network members.

You get so much more when you cowork.

✓  By sharing your goals and making your work visible you invite helpful contributions and connections from within our trusted network.

✓  The more you Work Out Loud, the more open you are to collaborative connections and opportunities.

✓  Working in this way helps you develop digital skills and a growth mindset.

✓  Building your social profile enables meaningful connections. 

✓  Sharing your goal and work creates a sense of accountability and enables serendipity.

✓   Contributing and coworking within the network accelerates your chance of success.


Frequently Asked Questions

+ What kind of people are in The Connectle Network?

Our members are professionals, companies and students wanting to transition to new ways of working. Many want to utilise digital tools and techniques to work and connect better. They are looking for ways to share what they are working on to accelerate their learning and build meaningful relationships.

Whether you work in a large organisation, independently or just want to get up to speed with the digital age - our diverse network will bring fresh perspectives and opportunities.

+ Why would I join another network?

With so many options for connecting online, joining another network can be a big step. Many free networks offer multiple ways to connect and keep updated, but they can also be quite distracting and take up your valuable time. We have opted for our own site for our network, free from other distractions and dedicated to your work. You can even download an app to keep up with the network on the go.

+ How much does it cost?

Because there are so many options out there, we want to give you some time to look around our network, before deciding to stay with us. Check that the vibe is right, ask some questions, connect with some members. This is why we offer the first 30 days free of charge.

If you find it useful, stay for $USD29 per month or $USD299 per year. You can cancel anytime, no questions asked. And if you want to delve deeper and access our Colearn sessions, there are special member discounts on offer to you.

+ How much time should I devote to Connectle?

It's really up to you! Whether you post regularly post or just attend the Connectle Con session, we are here for you.

Many of our members check in daily to cowork, but others only connect during the LIVE sessions. We send out updates and highlights so you don't miss the important stuff.

+ Is the network full of self-promotion and salespeople?

We curate the network and don't condone blatant self-promotion and sales. There are many other networks you can use to do this more successfully. Our network is a support network, where we work together and progress towards our goals.