Working Out Loud: For a better career and life
— John Stepper

What is Working Out Loud?

Working Out Loud is a way to achieve your goals and realise your dreams by working in an open, generous and connected way. It's good for people, the workplace and the community. 

If you want to help employees become more adept at building networks and leveraging digital tools to get things done, then the "Working Out Loud for organisations" event is a great way to find out what is happening in your region and where you can get support for your organisation.

In addition you can find out more about The Accelerated Development Program and if that is a good fit for your organisation.


You will also find out more about the WOL circles course coming in October 2016.

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WOL of Orgs Australia and New Zealand session 


WOL for Orgs India session



Connectle is the intersection of people, work and the outcomes of a curated coworking community.  It is a culture of behaviors. A way of being. A chosen lifestyle. A community of people who want to work in a new way, based on relationships, generosity, visible work, purposeful discovery and a growth mindset. A community that works better together.

Connectle is a human network that reprograms work for the digital age. Using a human algorithm it brings together future of work concepts onto one collaborative hub. Continuously evolving inside of our three key elements of Cowork, Colearn and Colabs, we are in perpetual beta.

The nature and experience of the traditional workplace is changing. The future of work fosters an environment that enables autonomy, mastery and purpose. The ability to build purposeful networks and connections in a borderless workplace. 

Working in a distributed network allows for accelerated serendipity with people, teams and projects across geographies and disciplines.

The hub provides the environment we need to be productive and motivated. A community to work with others,  whether we are working from home, in a cafe or in a workspace anywhere in the world. Removing many of the physical barriers to working collaboratively.

To work on your own, while still having access to the platforms and people you need to get work done. To learn and adapt and to connect. Connectle is a place to inspire and motivate you, to learn new ways of working better, to build your network and to feel more connected in the future of work.


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