Connectle Con LIVE

Our popular Connectle Con LIVE sessiions, are members-only curated conversations.

"Better than any conference I have been to".

"It's like a wonderful combination of TED Talks and an intellectual dinner party."

Attendees are handpicked based on motivation, interest and a sprinkle of match-making magic. To be considered for a Connectle Con LIVE, you need to join the Connectle Network.

Each conversation, is an opportunity to learn from each other and offer help and advice. These are not webinars or presentations, they are interactive, noisy discussions. Don't come to sit back and catch up on your social feeds!

Do bring:

 Energy, enthusiasm and an open mind.

 The willingness to be open about what you are working on.

 Honesty about your successes and learnings so far.

 Ideas and stories, based on your personal experiences

Don't bring:

✗ A fear of change

✗ A set way of doing things 

✗ Your own product or sale that you are trying to push



Frequently Asked Questions

How long is a Connectle Con session?

Sessions last for 90 mins and include plenty of time for interaction and questions

Why do I need to register?

Our sessions are small, to allow for real conversations and collaboration. We handpick people for each session based on what they can contribute to the conversation and whether we think they will get something usefull from the session. We ask you to provide some information to help us custom match these sessions. Registration is within the Connectle Network.

Do I need to be a Connectle Network member?

Yes. However, we offer 30 days free to try out the community which should give you the opportunity to join a Connectle Con LIVE session.

What technology do you use for the LIVE sessions?

We use for our sessions. For the best viewing experience, please ensure your device meets Zoom's technical requirements before joining the session.

How do I join?

Before the session begins, you’ll receive an invite email with instructions on how to connect with us. Clicking the provided link will automatically download Zoom to your computer.

What if I have technical difficulties joining?

If you’re unable to see or hear us, quit the Zoom application, then click the invite link to log back in. If you continue experiencing issues, contact the our support team at