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Connect the Ecosystem

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Cocreate Connected Work

Connectle provides the independent space for a diverse collective of changeagents, innovators and companies to work together to cocreate and amplify connected work. A continuously evolving virtual ecosystem.

You are welcome to use this space to evolve your initiative and contribute to connected work. The platform provides three ways for you to connect:

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Interactive, virtual conversations bringing together consciously diverse perspectives across networks.

Connectle Con's allow us to gently relearn the art of conversation and explore connected work topics.

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The Connectle ecosystem encourages serendipity and mindful collaboration from the edges. 

Connections break through the like-minded filters we are all exposed to and allows a visual fusion across networks. 


Shared purpose circles for cross-network and enterprise collaboration.

Circles are the space for innovators, professionals and companies to enable virtual co-working and cocreate outcomes related to connected work.


Who are our cocreaters?




An industry circle on social collaboration in the enterprise, specifically focused on regulated industries.


A coworking circle to explore transforming charities and bringing them into the new age of working.


A network circle to connect Working Out Loud Mentors introducing WOLCircles into their organisation.


Still unsure of how to get involved?

Contact us and we can set up some time to discuss your needs