Today and in the future we will need a new mindset of leadership which recognises that the potential of people at work is greater than ever, if they are inspired, supported and aligned with a strong common purpose.
- Steve Vamos

Enable the Workforce

Corporates who work with us are looking to create a collaborative workplace. A way of working together that reaches beyond their physical buildings and the traditional change, innovation or culture programs. Companies that want to inject a progressive, responsive, culture of innovation into their workplace.

There are many frameworks and methodologies that can enable this transformation. Many require radical structural reorganisations, new operating models and processes and importantly, employee up-skilling and buy-in. How do you remove so many of the bricks in your organisation without the whole thing tumbling down?

Tone of the meeting: these meetings are informal and participant led - but they are facilitatied and confidential.

The right mix of unstructured and structure.

Who should join?


How to join?

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Which companies participate in Connectle in Companies?

This would be the area where we post all the logos of the respected companies that participate in Connectle for Companies. However we have found that the companies that gain the most from our circles are not always able to be as open and public about their work as others. Companies that are participating in our circles, tell us they appreciate and share more openly in a private, curated environment. What we can tell you is that so far....

89% are from Fortune 500 companies   |   40% are from Senior Management   |   58% are HR/Communications Professionals

no rules - everything stays in the room.

Chatham House Rule - non-competitive environment

Circles are conducted at the discretion of the particpants. Most opt to inact the Chatham House Rule and this is the default if there is not other agreement:

"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."

Why Join

Unique learning experience for professional development. Participating in Connectle for Companies gives you the people and support you need.

Diversity: Often we network with the same people. People who are like-minded, work in the same industry and even location. Connectle for Companies, broadens and amplifies your learning experience, but matching you with a diverse circle.

Professional development: Classroom training and mentorship is one thing, but circles gives you professional development from a range of people.

Learning: Circles are interactice and participatory. often we learn by helping others, or just by exposing your goal to "fresh eyes". What seems obvious to you, is not always onvious to someone in the weeds.

Accountabiity: knowing that you circle buddies are behind you and wanting to know how youa re doing moving towards your goal is a helpful support network.

Mutual Respect: Circle Buddies often become lifelong buddies. Mutually supportive and beneficial to your work.

Facilitation: Have a facilitator - your own personal trainer - helps beat the drum and prevent the busyness kicking in. 

Intimate and Virtual: 

Participant led: these are not vendor conversations, and although a facilitator is present and can offer guidance on direction, it up to each circle to define the best use of the time together. 

Inspiring: Being inspired and inspiring others to make leaps, change work for themselves and the companies they work for.

How does it work?

Connectle provides a trusted ecosystem to develop new skills and build connections. Employees are exposed to a global network of opportunities and collaborations that can be introduced into your workplace.




The Connectle NetWORK provides:

✓ a place where employees can be more creative and innovative

a welcome change from the daily routine

peer support and accountability

connection and interaction with professionals from diverse companies and industries.



Connectle Con, Connectle Cafe and Connectle Circles provide:

 a form of personal and professional development

✓ an effective alternative to industry groups and conferences

a way to practice and discover new ways of working 

 support and accountability for your ambitious goal and alternative information exchanges.


Colabs provide a way to:

collaborate on initiatives and joint developments.

share work for input and feedback

cocreate knowledge artefacts, putting skills into practice.

Employees can participate in Colabs at their own and their company's discretion.

Ready to Join?

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