Growth Hacking

This ConnectleCon LIVE session is a handpicked selection of growthhacking up and comings, getting together for an unconventional conversation. During the session, we will learn from each other and offer help and advice.

Questions we will explore:

  • What is all the buzz with growth hacking?
  • Is it really just for startups - how can we use it in companies?
  • Is what I am doing growth-hacking?
  • What does a good plan look like?

About Connectle Con

ConnectleCon LIVE, are invite-only curated sessions, where attendees are handpicked based on motivation, interest and a sprinkle of match-making magic. To be considered for a session, you need to register.

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What you need to bring:

  • Energy, enthusiasm and an open mind.
  • The willingness to be open about what you are working on
  • Honesty about your successes and learnings so far
  • Some learnings and stories to share, based on your personal experiences


This is not a webinar or presentation, we are learning from each other. Please do not expect to sit back and listen, this is interactive and participatory.