Connectle Colearn is where our members come together to develop their work practices and learn from each other. Offering a selection of social learning opportunities from within Connectle and our extended community. 

  • I think I read every Change Management/Self-Help book out there, but my circle taught me more in 2 sessions than any book I read.
    — Connectle Circle Participant
  • All my local meetups where full of my competitors. Participating in a virtual circle allowed me to open up more about what I was working on and where I needed more help.
    — Connectle Circle Participant
  • I never knew most of these sessions where even available. Love having them all in one place.
    — Connectle NetWORK member
  • I love opening up my circles to more people. Having them on the Connectle Academy means that more people are able to contribute to our discussions.
    — Connectle Circle Facilitator

Connectle Colearns

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Connectle Colearn Map

The Connectle Colearn Map is a social graph of work practices, learning modules, organisations and resources. Curated by our innovators, who continuously update the map so that practitioners of new work can learn and benefit, further developing the practice.

NB The full interactive map is available to Connectle NetWORK members only.


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