Colab Circles
Colabs are purpose driven self-organising circles, where practitioners actively collaborate on outcomes to develop the practice of work. 

  • Even the greatest creative rarely knows the complete answer — usually they know part of it or have a hunch. Someone somewhere probably knows another part of the solution, and so on, until a complete picture appears. By collaborating, we get to the solution quicker, and often with more elegance.
    — Co-creation is the new crowdsourcing | John Williams, The Guardian
  • Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is a progress; working together is success.
    — Henry Ford

Colabs are collaborations that have developed from within Connectle. By bringing together people who cowork and colearn, it's natural that ideas and innovations develop into initiatives, shared work and knowledge. 

Within Connectle we are actively practicing new ways of working, demonstrating the benefits of cocreation, future work methodologies, network working and cross silo collaboration. Drawing on our diverse network, spanning across industries, geographies and knowledge bases, Colabs are outcomes of working in a collaborative network.


The Connected Work Map

The Connected Work Map is our first Connectle Colab.  A social graph of connected work practices, learning modules, networks and resources. Cocreated by our members, to further develop the practice.

NB The full interactive map is available to Connectle Community members only.