You’ve been wanting to change how you work for some time. You've read the books, been to webinars and you're finally ready to put it into practice. 

Whether you’ve already started with the free guides, or you are completely new to it, you know you really want to make this work. Based on the 12 week Working Out Loud guides, this guided personal WOL circle, connects you with professionals from across the globe and keeps you on track to building relationships related to your goal.


Who is this for? 

Popular amongst progressive companies wanting to empower and engage employees, this circle is for professionals wanting to experience the practice of Working Out Loud for themselves.


How does it work?

Frequency: Weekly
Duration: 1 hour a week for 12 weeks.
Location: Virtual
Facilitator: An experienced WOL practitioner


How much does it cost?

Non-Member Price: $499
Member price: $399 ($100 off!)
NB All prices are in USD