• I think I read every Change Management/Self-Help book out there, but my circle taught me more in 2 sessions than any book I read.
    — Circle Participant
  • All my local meetups where full of my competitors. Participating in a virtual circle allowed me to open up more about what I was working on and where I needed more help.
    — Circle Participant
  • I never knew most of these sessions where even available. Love having them all in one place.
    — Connectle NetWORK member
  • I love opening facilitating Connectle Circles. I am able to share my expertise, and at the same time hear from so many different backgrounds.
    — Connectle Circle Facilitator

Connectle Circles

Based on the popular Mastermind format, these self-guided circles allow you to regularly connect with your circle buddies. Working together to support you with your connected work goals.


Connectle Circles...

✓ connect you to a self-selected group of people you can talk to about your work

✓ enable you to converse with people outside of your current network

✓ provide a group for accountability and support - to make sure you don’t just get caught up in “busy work” 

✓ provide a place to share your ideas and experiences and accept feedback


You should not join, if you...

✗  are set in your ways, stubborn or fearful of change.

✗ are satisfied with or married to your present way of doing things.

✗ have no time to adopt new ways of thinking or learning

✗ are not willing to accept feedback and try new things


Things you should know..

+ How are circles matched?

Connectle Circles are self-organised circles. Registration is within the NetWORK and buddies are selected based on a number of factors:

  • Your needs and offers
  • Ensuring a diverse mix
  • Your preferred circle times
  • Your current and future focus

Please remember: Although many promise to match you with "like-minded" people, this is not the aim with Connectle Circles. In fact, we encourage you to select people who are not in the same line of work as you. This is done for two reasons:

  1. To give you a wider perspective. People outside of your line of work see things with "fresh eyes", allowing you to explore things that your current network can't see.
  2. To challenge you. You will find it easier to be more open about your progress and upscale your goals, if competition and reputation is not the dominant factor connecting you to the circle.

+ What is the format of the circle?

There are a maximum of 6 people per circle. The average is 4, though we have had circles with as little as 3. You will be working with the same group of people during all the sessions.

The circles meet virtually, twice a month for 60 minutes. Using a platform called Zoom at the same day and time.

+ How much time should I devote to Connectle Circles?

The sessions are only 60 mins twice a month. In between these sessions, it is up to you how much time you spend on your goal, working towards the changes you want to make.

+ What do we do in a Connectle Circle?

The circles are participant led, but usually consist of people

  • Bouncing ideas off one another
  • Brainstorming solutions to issues and challenges
  • Accountability and support for individual goals and work practices
  • Keeping each other inspired and motivated towards bettering their work.

+ What a Connectle Circle is not

  • It’s not a course/program. The main focus of a Connectle Circle is the learning and support among the circle.
  • It’s not coaching. Connectle Circles are about sharing feedback, advice and support with each other.
  • It’s not a typical networking group. As a result of spending time with each other and connecting you will find you will build strong relationships and there may be opportunities to collaborate together, but the focus of these circles are to better your work practices.