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Cocreate Connected Work

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What are Connectle Circles?

Circles are virtual spaces for change-agents and explorers to work, learn and create. With so many platforms providing information, broadcasting and marketing - Connectle Circles are a space away from social distractions to focus on collaboration.

The platform was created out of a need for a self-organised network to collaborate on new ways of working for the digital age. Circles provide dedicated spaces for collaboration, free from ads and controlled filtering.


How does it work?

Circles can be open, private or secret. The only restrictions being that each circle provides the following:

Curator(s) - humans that will nurture the space.

Charter - thinking into why a new space is needed and what it will be used for.

Circular Commitment - a contribution useful to evolving the practice.


3 Easy Steps

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Who are our Curators?

Circles are curated by individuals and organisations who are wanting to work together to create connected work. By bringing together all the ideas and initiatives related to connecting people, organisations and economies, we can amplify our work and cocreate better outcomes.


  • An open circle to explore transforming charities and bringing them into the new age of working.

  • A private circle for intrapraneurs exploring social collaboration in the enterprise, specifically focused on regulated industries.

  • A secret accountability circle connecting practitioners exploring a new work practice.

  • Insert your initiative here.


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