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  • I think I read every Change Management/Self-Help book out there, but my circle taught me more in 2 sessions than any book I read.
    — Circle Participant
  • All my local meetups where full of my competitors. Participating in a virtual circle allowed me to open up more about what I was working on and where I needed more help.
    — Circle Participant
  • I never knew most of these sessions where even available. Love having them all in one place.
    — Connectle NetWORK member
  • I love opening facilitating Connectle Circles. I am able to share my expertise, and at the same time hear from so many different backgrounds.
    — Connectle Circle Facilitator

Connectle Cafe

Our Connectle Cafe's are based on the popular World Cafe format. Connecting a diverse set of people for deep discussion in a virtual peer learning environment

The guiding principles of a World Café*

- Clarify the context 

- Create a hospitable environment 

- Explore questions that matter 

- Encourage everyone’s contribution 

- Connect diverse perspectives 

- Listen together for insights and deeper questions 

- Harvest and share collective discoveries

Assumptions underlying the conversations*

The knowledge and wisdom we need is already present & accessible

Collective insight evolves from….

  • Honoring unique contributions
  • Connecting ideas
  • Listening into the middle
  • Noticing deeper themes and questions

Intelligence emerges as the system connects to itself in diverse and creative ways.

* From "A Resource Guide for Hosting Conversations That Matter at The World Café " - By Juanita Brown and the World Café Community


Things you should know...

How long is a Connectle Cafe session?

Connectle Cafes last for 2 hours and include plenty of time for interaction and questions.

Why do I need to register?

There are limited spaces in our Connectle Cafe sessions. We handpick people based on what they can contribute and whether we think they will get something useful from the session. We ask you to provide information to help us custom match the Connectle Cafes.

Why do I need to be a Connectle member to participate?

These sessions are for people who are actively practicing new ways of working. They offer an opportunity to experience a world cafe and to learn from each other.

How do you match participants?

We take matching people seriously and call the Connectle magic we sprinkle in, a human algorithm. There are a number of factors that get taken into consideration when creating our perfect mixes:

  • Your needs and offers
  • Ensuring a diverse mix
  • Your preferred session times

Please remember: Although many networks promise to match you with "like-minded" people, this is not the aim with the Connectle Cafe. In fact, it is likely you will NOT be placed in a group with someone in the same line of work as you. We do this for two reasons:

  1. To give you a wider perspective.
  2. To challenge you.

What technology do you use for the sessions?

We use Zoom.us for our sessions. For the best viewing experience, please ensure your device meets Zoom's technical requirements before joining.

How do I join?

Before the session begins, you’ll receive an invite email with instructions on how to connect with us. Clicking the provided link will automatically download Zoom to your computer.

What if I have technical difficulties joining?

If you’re unable to see or hear us, quit the Zoom application, then click the invite link to log back in. If you continue experiencing issues, contact the our support team at info@connectle.com

What if I can't make the time. Can I view it later?

Our Connectle Cafe's are not recorded. However we do encourage participants to share their learnings with the wider network.

Upcoming Connectle Cafe

Connectle Cafe: Age Diversity in the Workplace
July 18th 2017
Come join us for our very first Connectle Cafe! Based on the World Cafe formats, this virtual conversation will be lively and fun.