What is Connectle?

Connectle is the place to inspire and motivate change agents to develop the practice of connected work. A human network that reprograms work for the digital age through conversations, connections and communities.

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We are a community that brings together new work concepts and practices into one collaborative hub. Continuously evolving inside of the key elements; colearn, cowork and cocreate. Connectle provides the environment we need to practice new ways of working and feel motivated for change. 

Working in a distributed network allows for accelerated serendipity with people, teams and projects across geographies and disciplines.

Why Now?

Every organisation is in the midst of a transformation. The nature and experience of the traditional workplace has changed and a new way of working is required for the digital age. Next stage leadership, collaboration and innovation need to be embedded in the way we work, learn and create.

We believe that change starts with conversations, connections and communities. A connected work that focuses on developing mindsets over quickly outdated skillsets. An environment that enables autonomy, mastery and purpose. A space to build purposeful networks and connections in a borderless workplace.

The best way to predict the future, is to create it.
— On predicting the future by Peter F. Drucker.